MA Assistance

CourthouseCLE’s Boston office receives limited MA funding to provide targeted advocacy to challenge systemic statewide issues impeding low-income students from attaining the high academic content and achievement standards set for all students. CLE works collaboratively with community based organizations promoting improved educational outcomes for all students through school- and district-wide change, and provides legal and technical assistance to legal services and other public interest attorneys representing low-income students in an array of education law related matters, including exclusionary discipline, racial and sexual harassment, discrimination based on race, national origin, disability, gender and sexual orientation, testing and assessments, school records and privacy issues, denial of appropriate specialized instruction and supportive services necessary for students with disabilities to access state standards set for all, failure to provide accommodations in teaching and learning for English language learners and students with disabilities, and barriers to higher education.

  • Pro Bono Education Law Project provides representation to low-income students throughout MA who are being excluded from public schools through disciplinary exclusion or as a result of an ineffective/inadequate education.
  • School-Level and Districtwide Advocacy Efforts CLE has been working with families and educators at several schools in Boston, using the requirements of Title I as a tool to bring about school-level change. CLE's Family School-Level Change Initiative seeks to make schools accountable to families, students, and other members of the school community for providing a high-quality education to every child.
  • MA Legislative and Administrative Advocacy CLE comments and testimony pertaining to MA proposed policies, regulations, and statutes.