Pleadings & Memoranda

Center for Law and Education and Choate, Hall & Stewart Successfully Challenge “Zero Tolerance” School Weapons Policy (PDF) Press release.

Camreta v. Greene, amicus curiae on petition of cert., for the Center for Law and Education, Learning Rights Law Center, Chicago Coalition for the Homelesss, PACER Center, Parents United for Responsible Education, Winston & Strawn, LLP, Jan. 2011 (PDF) CLE joins amici curiae in arguing that public schools should not be places “in which student privacy interests are significantly compromised for purposes of custodial police/CPS interrogations,” that children do not have reduced Fourth Amendment protections when on school grounds for government purposes unrelated to school, and that using public schools for this purpose has many negative effects for both children and law enforcement officers/CPS workers.

Doe v. Town of Weston, SJC-10981 (sua sponte), amicus curiae for CLE and Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice, Harvard Law School, Joanne S. Karger, Kathleen B. Boundy, March 31, 2011 (PDF) This brief argues that the trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying deference to Weston’s decision to expel Doe under M.G.L. c. 71, § 37H because Weston lacked adequate evidentiary basis to support the expulsion decision. The 30 page brief provides advocates for students with an extensive review of due process rights of students and the importance of weighing the Mathews v. Eldridge factors.

Goodwin v. Lee Public Schools et. al, SJC-11977, amicus curiae for CLE and the Children's Law Center of Massachusetts, Feb 2016 (PDF). This brief argues that LPS violated the plain language of G.L. c. 17 s. 37H 1/2(1), and G.L. c. 71 s. 37H 1/2(1) as applied, by suspending Ms. Goodwin when neither a felony complaint nor felony delinquency complaint had been issued against her. The brief includes an extended discussion about the correct due process procedures a school must provide a student the school is seeking to suspend unnder G.L c. 71, s. 37H 1/2(1). The case decision from the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts can be read here